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Sariska City Information

Sariska City Info

City : Sariska

Fact File
Area : 474 sq. km (core area), 800 sq. km (gross area)
Altitude : 250 m above sea level
Languages : Hindi, Rajasthani, English
Best time to visit : November-June
STD Code : 014441


Situated in the backdrop of the Aravali Hills, in the  state of Rajasthan, Sariska National Park is a wonderfully quiet and peaceful destination to visit. The jungle here has been registered under the Project Tiger in 1979 and became a national park in 1982. A number of tourists visit this place due to its easy accessibility from the nearby major towns and cities. Sariska is especially famous for its tiger reserve though it also offers you sites to visit that have a strong historical background. The monuments at these places are symbolic of their glorious past. The park  also offers the visitors a unique opportunity to observe the behavioural patterns of the animals residing here.


Sariska is a storehouse of wild wonders. It houses some of the famous species of deciduous plants and wild animals. It also cradles some of the rare species of birds, both native and migratory. Moreover, the Kankawati Fort  is one of the wonders of Sariska that stands alone and neglected. As if aware of the fact that the fort is abandoned, the jungle beasts  especially the leopards come here for some outdoor hunting spree. It seems as if the buffaloes of the nearby villages that come here for grazing  are the most mouth-watering delicacies for the visiting leopards. 


As if the  flora and fauna along with the historical grandeur were not enough, Sariska also has a number of excursion destinations to visit around. The Siliserh lake and the palace which also make an ideal picnic point, the Hides that provide real life opportunity to play hide and seek with the wild and the major towns of Alwar and Deeg are some of the must visit excursions around Sariska. Moreover, all these excursion itineraries provide you with good eating and accommodation options to spend a day or two.

Sariska Sightseeing

Park Flora and Fauna

Being located on the desert land of Rajasthan, the flora and fauna of Sariska is characterised by scrub-thorn arid forests, dry deciduous forests, rocks and scanty grasses spread over the hills and narrow valleys of the Aravali hill range. Due to the extreme characteristic of the climate here,  Sariska houses a number of known and unknown species of desert flora and fauna. Due to  scanty rainfall here the major plants of Sariska includes, dhok, khair, tendu, and ber.However, while talking about fauna here, the one specie that needs a mention  is the tiger. The Sariska National park also houses varieties of panther, jungle cat, jackal, hyena, and fox. Besides these, the park is also  the natural habitat of sambhar, chital, wild boar, hare, nilgai, civet, four-horned antelope, gaur (Indian bison) and porcupines. The park also nestles bird species like the peafowl, grey partridges, quails, sand grouses, tree pies, white-breasted kingfishers, golden-backed woodpeckers, crested serpent eagles, vultures and horned owls.

Kankawadi Fort

The Kankawadi fort is an important tourist attraction of Sariska. Though not maintained properly, it is the only historic monument showing the Mughal connection with Sariska. According to the records of history, Aurangzeb had imprisoned   the eldest son of Shah Jahan here. Located on a hill, the fort overlooks the Kankawadi plateau and the few Gujjar villages around it. Leopards from the park occasionally visit this fort in search of food and solitude.

Sariska Excursions

Siliserh Lake

Located near the Sariska tiger reserve, just off the Alwar-Sariska road is the wonderfully picturesque Siliserh lake. The lake overlooks a marvellous palace built by Maharaja Vinay Singh in 1845 A. D. for his queen Shila. The lake makes an interesting picnic spot and also offers you options of boating and sailing. The palace here has been converted into a tourist resort for the convenience of the visitors.  The crocodiles are the major inhabitants of the lake.

The Hides

The many Hides in and out of the park are the must visits while being in Sariska. These hides are specially made to observe the wild in their natural way. If you book a hide, which is highly advised, you may end up spotting the wild inhabitants on the many water holes of the park. Excellent for some patience studded wild photography, these hides are worth a look even if not booked.


Located at a distance of about 36 kilometres from Sariska, Alwar is a must visit excursion from Sariska. Alwar is known as a city with history. This fact is revealed in the many notable historical monuments, the hilltop fort, many temples and the 10 tanks. Moreover, the local museum here preserves more than 7,000 manuscripts that says many things about Alwar's past. Built to function as his capital city, Rao Pratap Singhji of Macheri founded Alwar in 1771. You can also visit  many other nearby sites  from here.


Located at a distance of few kilometres from Sariska, Deeg is a famous place especially known for its wonderful palaces and gardens. Built in the 18th century by Suraj Mal, Deeg also gets mentioned for the famous battle between Maharaja and combined army of Marathas and the Mughals. Consequently the latter took over the place. Most of the palaces contain the proof of Mughal influence on this place. Deeg is presently known as an agricultural town which used to be a second capital of Bharatpur state. Deeg was also functioning as the summer resort of the Bharatpur rulers. A must visit for you from Sariska.

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