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Trichi City Information

Trichi City Info

City : Trichi

Fact File
Area : 18.47 sq. km
Altitude : 88 metres
Population : 81,798
Languages : Malayalam, English
Best time to visit : September-March
STD Code : 0487


Located in the central part of Tamil Nadu, Trichi also known as Tiruchirappalli  is one of the important places to visit in the state. Situated on the banks of the river Cauvery, Trichi is also an important base point to visit some of the most important religious and historical destinations of the state. Trichi is characterised by many temples, churches and a large number of scenic spots. You can also have a look at  an 83 m high rock fort  regarded as one of the oldest in the world (approximately 3,800 years old) and many other exquisite sculptures in and around the city. Trichi also has a sound history of many years and the city is also called the citadel of the Pandyas, Cholas and the Nayakas. All these make Trichi a must visit destination in the state of loving and hospitable people.


Trichi has a number of sites within the close proximity of the city, that you can visit. Most of the sites here hold great historical importance. Rock Fort Temple, an enchanting temple unique in its own way makes a must visit site of Trichi. Moreover, the Tiruvanaikkaval temple which is famous for its Siva lingam and the seven gopurams are the other pilgrimage sites to visit in Trichi.


Besides the many important tourist attractions inside Trichi, there are some other nearby places that are worth a visit. Known for their historical, religious and natural importance, these sites will give you a close insight into the native Trichi and its people. Vayaloor (famous for the Lord Murugan Temple), Grand Anicut at Kallanai (famous for its ancient dam), Viralimalai (famous as a Hindu pilgrimage centre), Elakurichi (known for its old church),  Prasanna Venkateswarar (temple of Vishnu) and  Sittanavasal (a place famous for its Jain monastery and wonderful fresco paintings) are some of the few sites to include in your excursion itinerary.

Trichi Sightseeing

Rock Fort Temple

Among the many spectacular sites to visit in Trichi, the Rock Fort Temple is a must visit. The fort is a massive rocky structure built at an altitude of 83 m above sea level. Located on the banks of the river Cauvery, it is Trichi's most famous landmark. Halfway to the fort lies the Thayumanaswamy Temple, also known as the Rock Fort Temple.  The temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva is an important pilgrimage site of the Hindus. This beautifully carved rock-cut cave temple of the Pallava period  has a 100-pillar hall and a Vimana covered with gold. The fort on the top of the rock gives you a spectacular view of the surrounding areas.

Tiruvanaikkaval Temple

Located at a distance of 7 kilometres from Trichi, Tiruvanaikkaval is an important spot to visit, especially for its religious importance. The city is famous for its Jambukeswarar temple. According to a legend, an elephant had once worshipped the linga (phallus) under the holy Jambu tree at this very site due to which it got its present name-Jambukeswarar. The temple is famous for its Siva lingamthat is almost submerged in water which flows from a subterranean spring in the sanctum sanctorum. The temple has five walls and seven gopurams.

Trichi Excursions


One of the must visit excursion points from Trichi is Vayaloor. Located 8 kilometres away from Trichi on the outskirts of the city, the place is famous for its Lord Murugan Temple. Lord Murugan( the son of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati ) is known as Lord Kartika in the rest of India. Situated amidst lush green vegetation, the place has a tranquil atmosphere  giving you the much needed peace of mind.

Grand Anicut

Located at a distance of 24 kilometres from Trichi, the Grand Anicut at Kallanai is an ancient dam built in the second century AD by Karikala Chola. The Dam is made of stone and is 329 m long and 20 m wide. Situated just by the river Cauvery where the River Kollidam branches off , the dam is also a lovely picnic spot.


Another important excursion point from Trichi is Viralimalai. Located at a distance of 30 kilometres, this place is an important Hindu pilgrimage site attracting a lot of visitors every year. The main temple, perched on top of a hill here is dedicated to Lord Subramanya. The temple also offers a great view of the valley below. You must not also miss a visit to the nearby peacock sanctuary.


Elakurichi is another important place that you should include in your excursions.  The place is famous for its old church built by the renowned Catholic missionary, Constantine Joseph Beschi. Moreover, the famous temple of Vishnu located here and known as Prasanna Venkateswarar also attracts a large number of religious tourists every year.


Located at a distance of 17 kilometres, Narthamalai is an important place to visit due to its religious importance. The place is specially characterised by its unusual stone temple, which is circular in shape.  This temple has six large skilfully carved statues of Vishnu in the central hall. Moreover there are some other cave temples of historical importance too. These are believed to have been built by the Muthariyars. Here one of the 9th century Pallava cave temple is dedicated to Siva. Another temple,  known as the Vijayalaya Choliswaran temple also exists here. The beautiful carvings and figures of the dancers in front of the vimana, the elegantly carved dwarapalakas and the figures of other gods on this temple structure reveal the aesthetic sense of the people of that time.


Sittanavasal is another important excursion destination from Trichi. The place is particularly famous for an ancient Jain monastery with exquisite fresco paintings inside the cave. The paintings here are exquisitely detailed pictures of animals, fish, ducks, people gathering lotuses from a pond and two dancing figures. Many of the structures here are of 9th century Pandyan period. Located at a distance of 58 kilometres from Trichi, Sittanavasal is also known for its pre-historic burial grounds.

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